REVELATIONS (Spirit, Book 2)

The first book, Spirit, was very good but Revelations is superb. I couldn’t wait to get to the next page. [AMAZON]

A woman haunted by what has been and what might be…

BOOK 2 Spirit series — Ten years may have passed, but her innate ability to interact with the spiritual world continues to haunt Ellie Duncan. Determined to overcome the pervasive hold it has over her life, she makes the difficult decision to suppress any and all contact, even if doing so keeps her from someone she loves. Yet when her daughter begins to exhibit disturbing mystical powers of her own, Ellie is forced to face her private fears and acknowledge the truth about herself and her family. With the help of her husband, his dead mother, and an unwelcome visitor from her past, Ellie learns to confront the reality that some things are not only beyond her control but full of hidden, undeniable purpose.

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