LaPalm writes fiction which is more believable than real life. Her characters are so real, I felt I was walking beside them and looking forward to their decisions. [AMAZON]

What if the wrong choice was the only choice you had for survival?

Courtney knows dreams can shatter in an instant, but she also believes second chances exist. As a rape survivor, she battled years of psychological upset to finally find peace as wife to a loving husband and mother of two great children. When she stumbles upon news that a man with whom she once had an affair has died, however, her world is quickly turned upside down. Painful and tainted memories force her to acknowledge a long-forgotten past, and the debilitating pressure soon threatens every aspect of her life. Courtney fought her way out of the ashes once before, but it nearly broke her. To find her way back to happiness this time, she will not only need to push herself but her mind and heart to the very edge and beyond.

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