hurry up and wait ~ 5/1/2010

This week was a strange one, indeed. I had lofty ideas of getting work done on both the Old and the New books, but of course as would be expected in this new adventure, nothing really went according to plan. School schedules went awry, errands grew exponentially, weekend projects were delayed, and duties as a team captain for a family cancer walk took precedence.

I’m happy to report, however, that progress was made – just not in the areas I had hoped. For one thing, I wanted to do on-line research for business questions I have as well as follow-up on new marketing methods. I had also (secretly) desired to work on the newly titled fiction piece.I know, I know…it was supposed to “rest” while I worked on other issues, but I WANTED to have at it. It screamed for me to begin exploring new areas and edit old ones. But alas, I never got to it, which probably is a good thing. However, now I’m concerned it will be ready for me next week when I’m not in the proper mind-set to tackle it. Only time will tell, and I’m sure I will either praise my efforts or lament wasted days in future posts.

But I digress…back to what I did accomplish. Still Life received some TLC in the ‘ole marketing department. I was able to secure three more gift shops and another bookstore, bringing the grand consignment total to: 7! And I have another bookstore willing to take a gander at it once I get a copy off in the mail. Add the potential for a couple book signings *biting nails* and I am happy with the progress of the past few weeks. I guess I should be since my on-line sales took a major nose-dive this past month.

So for now it is sit around and wait for some of those newly-circulating books to actually sell. And I cannot wait too long before I must drum up new ways to get it known. Yet, I’m in no hurry…because though Still Life has been out for almost two months now, I plan on it being around for much longer.

Besides, if I spend all of my time selling the old one, I’ll never find momentum to work on the new one. And I get the strange feeling that even though I don’t feel like editing at this very moment, the urge will come over me soon…

NOTE: We can add two wasted hours of working out the bugs on this website – which kept “losing” my post and then “finding” old revisions…thus having me redo and undo over and over. Also don’t forget the Facebook fiasco of trying to add the new html code to my site, only to have it come up with error upon error. Yes, this is the glamorous life of a writer…not.


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