the good, the bad, and the ugly ~ 5/17/2010

This weekend was another round of “firsts” for this struggling writer. And as you may notice…sometimes I tag myself ‘author’ and other days ‘writer’. Well, today I am a writer and a humble one at that. For while the past two days were inspiring, fun, and oh-so memorable, they were also exhausting. Of course, I didn’t realize how taxing they would be until I tried to wake up this morning. So, let me fill y’all in on what happened and why my body felt like someone had removed all of the blood from my veins during my hours of REM sleep and replaced it with lead…

THE GOOD: On Friday afternoon, I had the most incredible experience of speaking to over 200 6th and 8th graders at a local school environment. And while I had little idea of what it would be like, the short time I spent with each class was beyond my wildest imagination and so…much…fun! I loved their willingness to listen and excitement to learn about my personal take on reading and writing. Of course, there were some looks of ho-hum and when does the bell ring, but the vast majority of these kids gave me the wonderful gift of sincere attention and thoughtful questions. Little did I know when I walked in there with the hope of inspiring creativity and sparking interest in the marvelous world of books would I walk out with the feeling that they inspired me and gave me much-needed motivation to continue this difficult journey!

Now onto THE BAD: I had a book signing this past weekend at one of the most fantastic gift shops. It’s nestled in a glorious location, and I felt an immense privilege to be given the opportunity to broaden my audience. Yet after the allotted time, I was sadly disappointed to have only a few people with whom to discuss books – mine and others. However, I don’t lament the time spent preparing for this event nor the hours in the shop. For you see, while I understood how great a long line of people waiting for me to sign a book would be, I never grasped how important a low turnout could be as well. I do believe I learned even more from this stint than if it had been well-attended. And I must admit, I prefer to have the first one be a “walk” around the bases rather than be tricked into thinking every time will be a home run. I now know what to do and how to do it better. My only hope is that I get another chance to put those ideas into place.

As for THE UGLY: There really isn’t anything ugly about the weekend, it was, in effect, exhilarating and fun! However, back to blood thieves….my body was so tired this morning, as is typical of a Monday, but I was shocked to find my mind was flat-out fatigued. My grandiose thoughts of taking a break from the rigors of marketing Still Life and giving 100% to editing the new work failed to materialize. I had zero…zip…nada motivation. I needed this day to blog, unpack, do laundry, play with my son, complete paperwork…and relax.

The ups and downs of this roller-coaster ride of self-publishing never seem to stop. And lean in close because I’ll let you know a little secret….I truthfully like it. I mean, seriously, without the good, the bad, and the ugly, I’d never really get to fully appreciate the undeniably beautiful parts that might come my way.


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