eye on the prize (and by prize, I mean FREE books and more)

If you’ve noticed my posts have been lacking, it’s for good reason – it’s summer. I’m also on a break of sorts. After writing non-stop for 6 months to get Muse published, I needed a rest, badly. Instead, this time off has been spent enjoying lazy days with my son (and husband when he’s home) and getting caught up on various projects that have been happily neglected while in my writing daze.

In terms of work, the next 6 weeks before school begins will be spent only on marketing and research. My goal is to jump start new ideas online and be in prime mode to return to work on the very same day my boy hops onto the big yellow bus. I’m psyched to explore areas I’ve previously ignored and learn new things in the process. Perhaps even more frightening, I’m ready to write again…

I hope this time finds me productive (in an entirely different way) because I’m itching to organize my notes and get back to the book I began a few months past. It’s a change from the women’s fiction I’ve been writing. In fact, it is more Young Adult. However, some of the thoughts I’m having on story-line may make it women’s fiction once I’m done with it. 🙂 We’ll just have to see what happens. And I suggest you stay tuned because I may post ideas/excerpts soon so you can follow along with the creation journey this time.

Of course, my mind is scattered with everything I want to do, but I’m extremely focused on one thing: rewarding the people who support my efforts! I’m introducing a MONTHLY GIVEAWAY to the website/blog. All you need to do is check back on the 15th of every month and enter to win the current FREE GIVEAWAY. To kick start the program, I’m giving away an autographed set of Still Life and Muse: a Still Life companion. Even if you already have the books, it’s a great gift to pass onto a fellow book-lover. Enter and share the news with everyone because the prizes will change from month to month. ENTER CURRENT CONTEST HERE!

Happy Summer and Good Luck!

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