how to gift an eBook

I know, I know. I have been talking about eBooks as gifts a lot lately. But, seriously, I cannot help it. For the avid book reader, this is an insanely great feature. If you have been one to poo-poo digital versions, I encourage you to give them another chance. (AUTHOR NOTE: I still prefer the traditional gift of an in-print book, preferably hardcover with a gift card tucked inside. However, in the spirit of modern technology, I am focusing on eBooks.)
1. Go to your favorite online bookseller. For the sake of ease, I am showcasing Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
2. Search for the book you would like to gift, either by author name or title (author searches typically provide better results).
Example: type JODI LAPALM and you get me at Amazon and me at Barnes and Noble.
3. Click on the book you would like to gift. Be sure it is the eBOOK format.
4. On the RIGHT-HAND side of the Amazon product page, beneath the ‘buy now’ button, you will see the yellow box GIVE AS A GIFT. On Barnes and Noble, there is a little gift icon located to the right of the ‘buy now’ button with the words BUY AS A GIFT.
5. Click on the appropriate button and follow the steps. The process is simple. You enter the email address you wish to “gift” the eBook. This can either be the recipient or your own. You can also add a special message.
6. Once you have set up the gift to your liking and previewed it, submit your order! The recipient will receive an email with details for redeeming their eBook, and you will get an order confirmation. Amazon also allows you to view whether your gift has been picked up in your order history.
7. Remember! A Kindle or Nook eReader is NOT needed to read any of the millions of available titles. They can enjoy books on their Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer with Amazon FREE READING APPS or Barnes and Noble FREE READING APPS.
Still unsure? How can that be? This is the coolest way to share the love of reading with your favorite bibliophile or techie! Maybe these pages will convince you to give it a try.
Amazon GIVE KINDLE BOOKS (FAQ at bottom of the page)
Happy Gifting!

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