Project Reset

A new year signifies more than countdowns, champagne toasts, or resolutions. For me, January 1st presents an ideal opportunity to press the ‘reset’ button on day-to-day life. Change what isn’t working. Embrace whatever is. This is time to recharge and improve my little world.
Of course as an author my circle of improvement includes writing. Having cancer has permanently altered the lens I use to view life. I have been granted a miraculous gift of remission. And yet, I am forever reminded there are no guarantees. No longer content to waste time on frivolous activities or that which doesn’t bring me joy, I have become more determined than ever to focus on why I began writing and publishing in the first place. My goal was a simple one: to create and share stories about strength, adversity, and love. But more than anything my intent has been to highlight real people facing real problems and create books I would enjoy reading, relate to, and possibly learn from. And so it is with renewed purpose I set forth the following goals for what I know will be a fabulous year (no matter what!):

  • Blog Randomly – This may mean once a week, once a month, or once in a blue moon. Blogging is wonderful, but it is not at the core of what I do. I am an author. I need to write stories more and post when the need arises.
  • Read Constantly – In the past, I chose to either write heavily or read heavily. I believed I couldn’t do both as I am one of those people who gets so lost in the current book/project at the expense of all else. Too often, however, I find myself missing one or the other. I vow to create a balance and enjoy the best of  both my writing and reading worlds.
  • Write Wisely – My current work-in-progress THE OAK TREE is on the publishing track for Spring 2013. Ideally, I will continue creating far into summer and get a jump start on my next project months ahead of schedule.
  • Simplify – Last year was dedicated to kicking breast cancer ass, leaving little time to enjoy my job. This year I plan to focus on the core activities which help share my books and advance my author standing. Anything extra, hereby deemed as fluff, will no longer be part of routine. All that matters is creation and publishing.
2012 was not the kindest to me, yet in so many ways it proved to be one of the greatest years of my life. The lessons learned, the love shown, and the miracles revealed during my diagnosis, treatment, and recovery are unmatched. A huge part of that gratitude must be extended to all of you who support and believe in my efforts. Because of you I am still here, with my pen ready, and writing once more. Beware 2013…I have so many more stories to tell…


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