paradise found

You know it was an epic getaway when coming home (even to a house you adore) is depressing. It has been more than a week since our little family experienced a brief escape from the trappings of daily life, and a day has not passed where I long for those moments of…
And who could forget the energy, joy, exploration and of course, love.
As I recall the glorious memories we created (many by accident, which are the absolute best), my heart becomes full all over again. It swells, then overflows with immense gratitude. The simple opportunity to disconnect from reality and reconnect with the people I hold dear is the truest form of paradise. And though I miss the warm sand between my toes and the calming music of salty waves, I pause and gaze around my busy home with a smile. Paradise was never really lost, I realize…it can be found every day of the year.
Hope you have found yours…

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