free eBook: SPIRIT

I adore the books I have written and view each as one of my literary children. From a love of writing, they were born. I tried my best to breathe life into the characters in my head. Make their stories known. Craft something from nothing. They are products of my imagination and experience and as such, each book possesses a unique personality. Has its own needs. During their creation, they asked different things from me, and I did my best to oblige.
But now, when I think about it, I realize one of my books has been woefully neglected.  Much like a guilty mother, I believe SPIRIT fell through the cracks, particularly in terms of marketing. You see, Spirit had the terrible luck to be published mere days before my diagnosis with breast cancer. Needless to say, I became preoccupied during that time and the year after. And with the subsequent publishing of two more books, one of my children went without.
So my current dilemma is how to show Spirit that I really and truly care about its happiness. To prove it is equally as important as the others. [To be honest, it is one of my favorites but do not tell my other books I said that. I will totally deny it.] I need to find a way to share its message with more readers, and the only way I can think to do that is to price it as FREE in digital format. And so here it is … simply click on a link to download your free eBook and begin reading Spirit in minutes.
{Don’t have a NOOK? Download free reading apps for tablet, pc, phone HERE!}
{Available for download in Kindle, EPUB, online, and PDF format!}
Wish you could download from AMAZON?
For now, it stands at its regular price. The free version may or may not appear on their site since it depends on if/when they price-match to other online sites. As of now, this has not happened.
Once you are finished with Spirit,
check out its follow-up Revelations (caution: link contains SPOILERS)!


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