A Writerly Pause

There are many articles for those who want to write. Tips to motivate a person if they suffer from writer’s block. Prompts for when someone needs new material. I have to admit, I do not have such problems. In eight years of writing fiction and posting for two blogs, I have never struggled while staring at a blank page nor have I lacked topics.

No, I do not need any help writing. I need help stopping.

  • I have a list of topics for the Inspired ME, Joyful BE blog. They scream “pick me, pick me,” eager to be written and shared. I could post multiple times per week, but life only allows for one.
  • I blog once per month for LaPalm Books to provide updates on what is working and what is not. And if there is something new and exciting to share, I post more often.
  • Where fiction is concerned, I publish one book per year on average. I have done two over the years, but that is just (crazy) too much for the needs of my family now.
  • Add the other responsibilities of an indie author (creation, research, editing, formatting, publishing, marketing, promotion, social media, web maintenance, accounting, etc.) and well …

I do it all because I like to do it all. Except when I don’t. Like today.

After many months, I have finally finished the initial first (very rough) draft of a new book! I now prepare for the grueling stage of editing and re-writes. I am overworked (writing). I am overscheduled (family). And I am overwhelmed. And with the holidays fast approaching, my husband ramping up work travel, and my son’s sports in full swing, I realize my time will be at a premium.

I know when I need a break from writing. But more importantly, I AM UNAFRAID to take one.

You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour. ~ZEN

I have been too busy with all things writing and so I shall sit for an hour. I will still work. There is always something to do, but I will not push. I will enjoy the holidays. I will be present with those who matter. And I will rest.


And when I return from this mini-break, I will be ready. Ready to dive into whatever awaits. Ready to immerse myself into the writerly things I love. Ready to do it all again.

Photo by Lex Sirikiat on Unsplash


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