Writing: It’s A Wild Ride

My January has been focused on one thing: finishing a book. After falling prey to my son’s school and sports, my husband’s work and travel, and the chaos of the holiday, I have become fiercely determined to publish my latest by the end of March [please stay tuned].

As someone who works from home, it is far too easy to fall for distractions. I will readily admit the procrastination is sometimes of my own doing (oh look a new show on Investigation Discovery!). But more often, the delays are the result of Life. My family comes first which means I go with the flow, prioritizing our needs (and our fun) above all else.

But when it comes to meeting a deadline, the tables turn and I rely heavily on my husband and son to carry me through the hectic months. And believe me, there will be some unbelievably crazy what-was-I-thinking days ahead.

This is the writing life – a never-ending amusement park filled with thrills and chills. And by viewing it as an unpredictable adventure, I have learned to grab on tight while (usually) screaming at the top of my lungs.

Some days I’m on the –

–ROLLERCOASTER: On top of the world and filled with joy one moment, hurtling at breakneck speed into the deepest depths of despair the next.
–SCRAMBLER: Just when one area seems smooth and under control, another one unexpectedly jolts me into reality.
–TEACUPS: The countless responsibilities whip me in circles, making me dizzy and ready to throw up.
–FERRIS WHEEL: Approaching the top, I think Hey, I’ve got this! but when I do reach it, everything stops, leaving me stuck.
–SWINGS:  Completing a major project is like spinning freely and without care in waves of sunshine and fresh air.
–TILT-A-WHIRL: Lists of tasks and schedules of deadlines are made in a desperate effort to stay on track and not slide over the edge.
–BUMPER CARS: Without a clear path, there can be a lot of obstacles.
–MERRY-GO-ROUND: When I just can’t take anymore, I hop on and watch the world go by.

And who can forget the attractions?

–WHACK-A-MOLE: the whole business is hit or miss
–WATER BALLOON SHOOTOUT: slow and steady wins the race
–LUCKY DUCK: sometimes a winner, usually a loser
–RING THE BELL: it requires every extra ounce of energy
–HOUSE OF MIRRORS: not everything is what it seems

Writing is a wild ride. A series of ups and downs and twists and turns. There is a lot of fun to be had but also an element of fear. Some choose to hang on while others decide to get off. And to be honest, I have considered doing both at varying times in my career. But at this stage in my writing life, I have learned this: the good times and the bad times never last for long. So…

Don’t take things too seriously, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the ride.

Photo by Antony Xia on Unsplash


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