Work Less. Summer More.

Rest and be thankful.
William Wordsworth

Travel baseball season ends next month and that means summer (officially) begins for our little family. We have enjoyed our share of unscheduled mornings, sky blue afternoons, and quiet evenings thus far but it is now time for the three of us (plus dog) to relax, recharge, and reconnect.

I will push through the final weeks of practices, games, and tournaments and prepare us for fourteen days of road tripping around this amazing country. There will be much to do and even more memories to make before school resumes which means …


I will connect via Social Media and Email, but I will not write or blog until August.

Taking my yearly break is always bittersweet. For while I find it difficult to unplug from the familiar routines of work, I know this pause helps me become better – at creating, at loving, at living – at everything.

I hope this summer ranks as one of your best and that when it comes to its inevitable end you have become better, too.


Photo by Nuno Antunes on Unsplash


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