my latest book: NEVER LETTING GO is now available!

Late last year, I made a decision to let go of one book draft and embrace another. My heart was heavy at the time. Leaving a project is never easy. I am a doer, a taskmaster, a cross-it-off-the-list kind of gal. Once I made the move, however, the frustration and stress dissolved and my once-heavy heart became light. I had a new plan, a better process of creation. I knew I would write another book, just not that one. And I also knew it would be a joy to draft, edit, publish, and share. Never Letting Go has been live on-line for almost a week now, but I postponed the official announcement until a few items were ironed out. There are still many things to do-namely marketing this bad boy-but the time has come, and I am elated.



romance, suspense, and one woman’s wish
for the ultimate do-over
Following a painful separation and divorce, Meredith Bryant seeks a new beginning with her eight-year-old daughter Tara. But the desire to break free and become independent seem impossible when a complicated ex-husband, shared custody, and suffocating in-laws remain deeply embedded in the family picture.

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