balance ~ 4/11/2010

Things are finally beginning to find their own stride, and I’m patiently following along. For starters, we’re getting into a new season with warm temps and sunny days. Translation: busier schedules, countless house projects, and daily pleadings by my son to go play outside.

All of that sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Hours of beautiful blue skies and outdoor fun after months of gloomy cold winter? Well yes and no.

For while writing the first novella was a grueling and laborious process with many unknowns, it was also completed during the hazy winter months when staying inside – snug in a chair with laptop open – made perfect sense. Now I’m knee-deep into another novella, and though the process is better known, the distractions abound and temptations are plenty.

And so, I again struggle with the desire to write and the need to do other things – for myself and for my family. The marketing of Still Life is really only in the infancy stage and my next weeks will be spent pursuing consignment opportunities and other potential outlets in which to showcase the book. At the same time, I desperately want to get a final draft of the newest work and make an edited excerpt available on this site. Add in the multiple hours of volunteering at school, the increasing outdoor playdate invitations, the two decks that need to be stained, the landscape projects, the swimming lessons…and that’s only a small sample.

But of most importance is that I now realize this endeavor isn’t something that gets done and crossed off the proverbial To Do list. I’m in it for the long haul which means there will be many moments to focus on writing, editing, publishing, marketing, and more.

Somewhere in the midst of real life, I know my dream life will be given the attention it deserves…because I care too much…


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