we are blessed ~ 4/4/2010

Today is Easter, and though I’m taking a break to spend time with my family and enjoy this special day, I feel a strange compulsion to post.

So today I will count my writing blessings of which there are many.

1. I’ve gathered the courage to pursue a life-long dream, never really knowing if it will come to anything more than what it is at the present moment.
2. I have the opportunity to do this because of a remarkable husband who not only encourages my successes but also my failures.
3. I have the support of family and friends who I hold dear. And while others may not understand or have faith in this endeavor, their unconditional love helps me believe anything is possible as long as they are by my side.
4. I have my physical health and a curious mind which allow me to hop out of bed every morning and observe and document the fascinating world around me.
5. I have a persistent spirit which pushes me to forge ahead even when it seems impossible to do so.
6. I have a strong determination to explore new areas and the realistic outlook to learn from my mistakes rather than be defeated by them.
7. I have the belief that this journey holds a purpose for me even bigger than it originally appears, and that while I may never really know what that is, it doesn’t really matter because I’m living my life as I wish and desire.

Blessings come in many ways, shapes, and forms. Sometimes they bring joy and sometimes they offer a challenge. Embarking on this adventure has already brought me both (depending on the day:), but I know I’ll continue because even the low days have brought me to new and unexpected heights beyond my imagination.

May you and yours have every blessing come your way today and always…


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