endings and beginnings ~ 3/6/2010

This past week was a whirlwind of follow-up with the novella, Still Life. I received the hard-copy proof, read it, and gave it the green light to go to print. Now it’s just a matter of time to get it listed on Amazon. I noticed some changes already on my account which makes me very excited to get this done. This weekend I need to work on tying up loose ends with marketing, copyright, and also place an order for my personal inventory. If all goes well, these things will be in place just as it officially becomes available for sale.

I am not new to teaching myself how to do things, but this has been a learning process like no other. It is sure to continue as every time I figure out one aspect of self-publishing another new problem in need of a solution presents itself. I love to expand my knowledge but it can be frustrating at times, particularly when I find the correct answer after I’ve already made a decision or become pressed to come up with a solution faster than I can research it.

But I will forge ahead and apply what I’ve learned to the next fictional novel. The thought of doing it better makes me very excited and motivates me to get to the next step. I have written a very (I mean very) rough draft with concepts and plot. Now I need to tackle the first major round of editing – one in which I refine the characters, follow through with themes, create consistency, and tweak dialogue.

And as Still Life passes the next big hurdle, I become more invested in the next project … I can’t wait to see how it ends:).


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