summer blues ~ 7/12/2010

Spending two weeks traveling the US with my family reminded me just how fun vacations and summer can be. However, now I’m dealing with the inevitable post-vaca hangover, which means quite frankly, I’m so out of my writing mode that it seems as if I never even began this crazy enterprise.

With summer almost half over (here in the Midwest anyway), I’m constantly reminded of how fleeting these sunny days truly are in the scope of things. Even worse, it makes me want to postpone this second book so I can eat hot dogs, drink beer, and spend lazy days playing in refreshing water with my son.

So maybe trying to write a book (and set a deadline) during summer wasn’t such a hot (pun intended) idea?

Well, to be truthful, it wasn’t really my intention at all. In fact, I planned to “take a break” after the last one and start up again this fall. You see, fall and winter in the Midwest are perfect times for writing – my son is in school full-time and the days are crisp enough to warrant staying indoors. Yet somehow this story came about on its own and with my personality, it’s just too annoying (and alluring I might add) to ignore. I’m not good at procrastinating, nor do I excel at pretending projects don’t exist.

Which leaves me in a quandary. Do I push back my publishing goal of early to mid-fall in order to provide the ever-needed wiggle room of a fun, spontaneous summer? Or do I stick to the plan and work on it with a little less rigidity and still give myself the pleasures of the season?

I’m going to give the second option a whirl. The hard copy is burning a hole in my drawer awaiting its next round of editing, and I just can’t let it fester. The temptation is too great to work on it, so work on it I will. Of course, it will have to be done sometime after I’m finished taking my son to the pool and meeting friends on the beach.

After all, play before work only seems fitting when the temp rises and the sun shines…


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