today is a good place to be ~ 9/29/2010

As I continue to wait patiently for my initial proof of The Choice Not Taken, I ‘m enjoying this “break” from writing/editing/marketing/insert task here to catch up on household projects and do some things for myself. However, as is life…in this temporary bliss rests an unsettling reality.

One of the most important people in my life faces a major medical crisis, and though I have plenty to keep me occupied and friends to keep me smiling, I’m perpetually fearful of the outcome. Unknowns can be fun…the spontaneous birthday party, the unexpected call from an old friend, but they can also be debilitating if you let them. Now my family is in the midst of a terrifying, yet necessary, surgery and long term recovery. Yet while we may have realistic reason to fear the worst, we have determined now-more than ever-is the time to have faith in the best.

This bump in the road of life is one more reminder to forge ahead with my goal of writing and sharing my work with others. And I’m so thankful to have jumped in with no idea of what it entailed rather than hem and haw for years and fear criticism that might never come and failure which may not even exist.

Who the heck cares? I ask. This is MY time…no one else’s. What I choose to do with it is solely my decision. And what I choose to do is precisely this: make the most of MY time. Because in the grand scheme of  things, isn’t Today a good place to be?


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