new things ~ 9/20/2010

Noshing on microwave popcorn while debating whether to blog or not. I found a good site last night regarding marketing ideas, and my head isn’t just swimming…it’s drowning. Part of the problem with all the info out there in cyber-world is that there is just too much of it. The list had about 100 ideas (some ridiculous I might add), yet I needed to check them all out to find the diamonds in the rough.

And here I sit-with a popcorn kernel stuck in my teeth-and a short list of things I need to do. All of those months working on The Choice Not Taken left me with plenty of excuses to ignore certain tasks. Now it’s time for catch up…

I already put out one fire today with the formatting, which means it should now be onto the proof stage. As I wait for that, I’m dedicating my time to revamping, removing, and rediscovering the resources that helped with the first book. I’m also trying some new things, thanks in part to lessons learned the first go round.

So I’m super-stoked (perhaps a bit manic) to get things done and begin the next phase of this crazy adventure. Tally thus far: website changes made, advance sale notices put out, improved blog feed to Facebook, and one kernel successfully dislodged. Hope the rest of the day goes as well…

PS- If you have ideas of new things you’d like to see on this site, please let me know! Either comment to this post or email me: Love Feedback!!


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