trying to work it all out ~ 2/22/2010

My family had a great extended weekend on a mini-vaca out of town! We came back refreshed from the social interactions and invigorated from the unusually warm temps. I am inspired to tie up loose ends on the soon-to-be-published Still Life and write plot lines for the new work.

Not gonna happen today, though.

As so often happens with the nirvana of trips away, there is the inevitable return to the reality of home and life. For while my husband goes back to work recharged and my son goes back to school excited, my desire to write gets placed on the backburner as I catch up on 6 loads of laundry, 3 days of mail/ email, unpack 3 bags, run to the store to fill an empty refrigerator, and try to prepare for a week of volunteering, playdate hosting, swim lessons, and more.

Yes, I know my job is a stay-at-home mom. No need to remind me.

However, I am also trying to build an additional “job”; it’s a difficult dance and learning the steps is becoming quite the challenge. I understand the problem is sometimes me moreso than the things I need to do. I can opt to procrastinate or ignore something altogether. And I get that. It’s the moments when I want to disregard a task but can’t because it’s important to the flow of our home life that I get a bit miffed.

Regardless, I maintain a good feeling about this week – I expect to get a hardcopy proof of Still Life and that means there will be a tangible form of progress. I also intend to spend a couple late nights writing and can’t wait to see what comes out of my head and onto paper.

But as for today…I will blog a little and wish a lot that I could be doing oh so much more.


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