two is better than one, right? ~ 2/8/2010

Stop the Anxiety!
I’m having a minor fit right now due in part to some major concerns.
Last week, my limited spare time was spent on cover revisions, file maintenance, backups, website creation, and Facebook creation. I also made time to outline the next book. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty good about this week – all ready to dive into the next project. And then…screech…I’m side-tracked again.

Five-oclock in the morning is my typical “wakeup but stay in bed” time. I’m usually alert enough to work through problems but unwilling to crawl out from beneath the flannel sheets. So, I tend to “write” in my head, plan my day, or think of nothing. Imagine my utter shock when this morning’s thoughts didn’t focus on the poetry and short stories I was prepared to tackle but another stinkin’ novel. I had an idea in my head already but had displaced it in favor of something else. Today, however, the title, general plot, and location all came into my head – and they WOULD NOT LEAVE.

Thus, my plans are de-railed as I now 1) rant on my blog 2) need to outline the novel before those “magical” thoughts disappear.

I guess I’ll have two projects which can only mean more late nights and early mornings. *Yawn*. Excuse me, but I need a cup of coffee.


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