weekends ~ 2/6/2010

It’s the weekend – no work, no school, and no alarm clocks!
Well, maybe for other people. My husband is needed at work this weekend which means he’ll be waking to an alarm (translation: I will, too). His absences are not unusual and after 20 years, I am quite used to them. The only problem is that leaves me and my son to entertain one another. With no school, he will be even more demanding to play a game or another activity. This morning will be filled with play-doh, garbage truck cities, and who knows what else. I will not be able to accomplish much writing this weekend with the many interruptions and household to dos.
So instead, I will focus on doing what I can and not on what I can’t. This means I will update my blogs and continue to work on an outline for my current project. They are realistic goals and can almost guarantee I won’t get upset when I’m asked for the hundredth time to eat a sandwich made out of brightly colored sculpting dough.
Sometimes work just has to wait…even if I can’t.

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