welcome ~ 2/1/2010

I hope you find enjoyment from this site and blog. I am not new to blogging, but I am new to self-publishing. And can I just tell you…omg, it is overwhelming. My novella Still Life is in the process of being self-published. Files have been submitted, and I’m hoping for a printed version available for sale by March 1st.
Over the years I have self-taught myself many things and this whole game is no different. But while writing and editing are nothing new to me, the publishing part is just plain scary. There are a lot of unknowns (which I hate, by the way), and there is also a lot of information available to inform (or mis-inform).
I’m afraid to admit I should have become more informed before I decided to jump into this whole thing, but I have little to regret. The publishing of this work was initially meant to be a “prove that I could do it” type of thing. I wanted to do it for me and me alone. But then…I became hooked. I loved the overall experience (editing not so much) and even before this first book is done, I started another.
I hope you check in to see how I’m doing. Here’s how today looks:
–Still Life is “still processing” according to those nifty Internet updates
–My pending project is outlined (not too impressive since this is the easy part)
–Morning was spent setting up social network fan page – and it will go LIVE once I’m done with my 4th load of laundry
–Afternoon will be spent setting up website – hope to finish and get it LIVE before I have to make dinner (we’re having spaghetti)
–And somewhere in all of that will be numerous interruptions by my child to either play, answer a question, or find the guy who lives in a pineapple under the sea on TV
Wish me luck and keep checking back for updates!

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