more to do ~ 2/2/2010

I can assure that I will not be posting on a daily basis to the blog. However, I was in here doing “maintenance” (still trying to figure this host site out), and thought I’d provide an informal update.
My entire morning and early afternoon has been spent A) in a big box discount store and a myriad of other stops catching up on errands B) prepping and eating lunch with my kid C) organizing all of the “stuff” generated from afore-mentioned errands D) dismantling and re-assembling kids train set (took a lot longer than it should have).
Now that he is settled up in the toy room with his train (for hopefully more than 15 minutes), I intend to accomplish the following before he comes back down and challenges me to a game of “Trouble”:
– – finish maintenance on this web-site
– – update facebook fan site
– – followup with friends and family who have already so generously offered me support and well-wishes
– – followup with publishing site
– – edit one (maybe two) poems for current project
I’m tired already…

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