when it rains, it pours ~ 9/11/2010

It’s raining here. Not that summer type that washes the dust off everything and then leaves, but the fall kind that makes morning seem more like night and pushes a damp chill in the house. And it’s been soggy for the past 8 hours with little signs of stopping. Yet, somehow, as a native Mid-westerner, I know there will be a break in the clouds and some dry, warm, sunny days ahead.

Much like my work on this book, I have faith the pouring will come to a halt and the skies will open, ushering in a brief, but welcome, respite. I’ve been spending the past 6 months on THE CHOICE NOT TAKEN, and though not every moment has been dedicated to its creation, there have been many long hours, weekends, and sleepless nights spent drafting, writing, editing, formatting, etc. And even when I wasn’t assigning “real” time to it, it was there. In the back of my mind…calling me.

And now, I see a break in the clouds. It’s still far off, maybe 6 weeks or so, but it’s visible to me, where before it wasn’t. There are final read-throughs to do, revisions to make, formatting to complete…but I can now physically see the final product being submitted and a proof coming my way.

But of course, for now, it’s still raining. In fact, the months of September and October will be pouring for this family. I have a yard sale, my husband’s birthday, my son’s birthday, and a completely separate party to plan/host…and that’s just the next 3 weeks. Once that’s done, there will be more family obligations and school activities to occupy my free time. Somewhere in there, I hope to officially make THE CHOICE NOT TAKEN available for on-line sale, format the kindle and e-book versions, and begin the query process to independent publishers.

So, I will keep looking to the skies and peering past the gloom of today. For I know, somewhere behind those bleak clouds, there will be a silver lining.


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