draft of current book project complete? check!

I’m at a happy (okay, ecstatic) stage in my path as an author. Another draft, otherwise known as Work in Progress, has been completed! To many this may not seem like such a big deal. For me, however, it is remarkable. I never know where the next story will come from, and if it does, getting all the parts and pieces to come together can be extremely daunting. What if it doesn’t make sense? What if I can’t finish it? What if I never write another word?!?!?!
And so, after cooking up the initial four chapters last spring and leaving them to simmer over low heat during the hot summer, I have reached this glorious point in the process. The characters, plot threads, dialogue, and other ideas I jotted throughout my hiatus seemingly made no sense at all. That is, until I started to write again. The time I had to just think about the story proved immeasurable in my ability to finish this draft. And as I resumed my full-time writing schedule, the characters spoke to me (not in the crazy way); they woke me up at 4am, whispering their motives, actions, and emotions in the inner recesses of my mind.
Before I dive into the brutal stage of editing and rewrites, I will take a break. Because for me, this moment (aside from having the final proof copy in my hands) is why I write. And I don’t want to spoil it with work…at least not yet.
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