Life has been in a persistent state of stink for the past few weeks. After completing a full draft of my latest work in progress (WIP), writing took a chaotic nosedive and all but disappeared. Don’t get me wrong, I love my days as a stay-at-home mom and wife but sometimes the daily dos suck the ever-loving breath out me, leaving no energy to tackle that which I truly wish to do. Though I do choose to forgo work on occasion, especially during the holiday season and summer months when I find life fun and spontaneous and unworthy of strict schedules, I rarely choose to stop work altogether. Sometimes it chooses for me. I have a need not only to blog, maintain websites, write, edit, what have you…I also must do something work related to stay connected and focused. And now that I failed to do anything substantial, I find it hard to start again.
Of course, I have plans to jump start my motivation. Sometime this weekend I will research details for my current WIP which helps me get back into the story without having to do any heavy lifting such as line by line editing. I also hope to begin ideas for a cover layout. This may seem premature since I don’t believe this book will see the published light of day until late spring 2012. However, I’ve found that doing so pushes me to not only work harder but also set a deadline. Akin to hanging a thin photo of yourself on the fridge when you want to lose a few pounds, envisioning the final product gives me the desire to trudge through the next stages of editing and rewrites. And finally, I’m considering publishing my books with another eBook retailer which means I must reformat, resubmit, etc. I’m particularly excited about this because I may combine Still Life and Muse into one easy-to-read version!
If all goes well, I will wash away the stink and begin anew on Monday smelling like a rose…

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