once upon a time

Happy 2012! For me, this year is all about going back to the basics. For while the self-publishing industry continues to swirl about on its tail like a Midwestern tornado, I feel the desperate and freeing need to jump off that crazy train and focus on one thing…writing. I will still blog on occasion, maintain an online presence, and continue to learn as much as I can about publishing, but the bulk of my limited free time now shifts to finishing Spirit. You may think, “well isn’t that what you should have been doing all along?” And quite frankly, the answer is (and with head bowed in shame) “yes”. But in self publishing, there are many other things to manage. So many, in fact, they can tempt you into spending any and all time on them. Wouldn’t you rather re-design a fun website than re-write entire chapters or scenes in your grueling work-in-progress? I would. Wouldn’t you rather read interesting industry blog posts than dig through piles of research? I would. Wouldn’t you rather chat with the engaging online community than edit hundreds of pages, line-by-line and word-by-word? Yep, me too. Yet in truth, though it may sound more entertaining to do those other things, it really isn’t what I’m all about. Those things are, at times, necessary evils, however they do not push me forward toward a finished product. They cannot move me, challenge me, infuriate me, nor satisfy me the same way writing, and more importantly finishing, a story does.
ONCE UPON A TIME, I wanted to write. That’s it and nothing more. And that is precisely why I begin this year with a blank page and have every intention of ringing out its end with a happy ending…
(P.S. I intend to publish Spirit!  Keep updated via Facebook/subscribe to blog posts!)

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