NEW! places and spaces on Pinterest

Ever wonder what an author visualizes while creating a book? I know I’m always curious which actors will portray the major characters of a book when it’s optioned for film. With some, the theatrical selections fill in pieces I didn’t realize were missing, leaving me immensely satisfied and loving the story even more. Other times, however, the casting crew misses the mark completely, leaving me to secretly wish the literary work (and my imagination) would have been left well-enough alone.
Although it might seem safe to assume movie rights will not be purchased for any of my dear books, that fact doesn’t prevent me from conjuring up images. And with help from the ever-popular Pinterest, I’m able to gather photos of actual locations, fictional places, imaginary spaces, and more. Even better, it allows me to share them with you! Although the Boards are a work in progress (I intend to add more images), they are ready for viewing.
Check out the Boards, Pin my books on Amazon, and let me know if you come across an image that reminds you of a character or place in one of my books. I would love to see them!
Places and Spaces of Still Life
Places and Spaces of The Choice Not Taken
Places and Spaces of Muse: a Still Life companion
Places and Spaces of Spirit

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