blogging, twitter, and the good life

I am in desperate need of a blogging schedule. In the past, I’ve written whenever I had a free moment or when there was something I wanted to share. With a new season approaching, I’m ready for a new routine. From this point forward, I will post once a week – on Thursdays. And though I try to add updates on Facebook and Twitter, I suggest you Subscribe to Email and never miss a post! Simply go to the right-hand column and add your email. Please know I do not sell addresses or send spam. You will only receive an email if there is a new post! 
I am now on TWITTER, and I would love for you to follow me.
Check me out at Jodi LaPalm @ lapalmbooks!
The Good Life
I am thrilled to report my health is heading back on track. After 6 months of cancer treatment, surgery, and more, I am officially in remission. So looking forward to getting back to work…back to writing…back to Life.

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