word power

Lately, it seems as if quotes  are everywhere. Random snippets of wisdom appear in whatever I am currently reading. And on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. I particularly like the sarcastic e-cards. Sure, some of them are incredibly stupid. But far too many make me laugh, which is something I have enjoyed doing a lot since my bout with cancer. However, I do have an affinity for meaningful sayings, words which remind me to reflect, move forward, or simply realize I am not alone in the present world. This week, I am sharing  a handful of my favorites. The kinder, gentler versions. Perhaps in a future post I will showcase snarly, cutting barbs and silly observations. Things so ridiculous, I cannot help but smile. But for today, at least, I prefer to be inspired.
Do you have a favorite quote that has stayed with you through the years or recently burned a hole in your memory? Funny or not, I would love to hear it!



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