20 things I don’t understand

I know it is Thursday, but I am writing this post late Wednesday night and *heavy sigh* it has already been a very long week. Many things have made it seem so, ranging from school troubles for my son to an over-whelming schedule to slow progress on my latest book. And with every minute filled, my lack of writing time has left me crabby. Cantankerous. Short-tempered. Or possibly, I’m simply tired, in need of a quiet evening at home with a scandalous novel and the world’s largest martini. Yes, I believe I will do that along with something totally ridiculous to help me snap out of this sour mood. Stupid horror flicks often do the trick. And in case you wonder where this post is going, I confess I have no idea. My mind is in a thousand pieces right now so I offer you a tiny peek inside with a list of random things I just don’t understand. For instance:
1) why my husband places every other item of dirty clothes into the hamper but steps over the socks he drops by his bedside, leaving me to pick them up
2) why the Kardashians  (and reality shows in general) are so damn popular
3) why I write like mad some days and go to a screeching halt on others
4) why I scan through hundreds of television channels and still find nothing worth watching
5) why a mouse can fit its body through a hole smaller than the size of a dime
6) why every time my husband is out of town, I hear the same creepy noise which makes me believe someone is standing on our back deck in the dark of night
7) why my son looks me in the eye, listens, then turns and does the very same thing he just got in trouble for
8) why puppies can’t stay puppies
9) why I can only run errands (successfully, that is) with a coffee in my hand
10) why email scammers still try the old ‘Nigerian prince in need of assistance’ bit
11) why silly bands are so popular – is it a bracelet? a rubber band?
12) why some books become bestsellers
13) why all the foods that are bad for us have to taste so yummy
14) why the only new movies are sequels, re-makes, and completely unoriginal
15) why my post-chemo hair is growing into a mohawk without any prompting from me
16) why Snookie and the mistress of John Edwards secured book deals from reputable publishers
17) why some people allow life to carry them along rather than direct it
18) why a person would ever want to hurt a child
19) why even after a huge dinner, I still want the mega-jumbo popcorn at the movies
20) why birds build nests on our house even though there are acres of trees a few feet away
These represent some thoughts from the past few days (of which I can actually remember). Of course, there are dozens more drifting through my head at any given moment, but it is
probably better that I don’t commit them to print. 🙂
What is something you don’t understand? Serious or silly, I would love to know.

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