my book THE OAK TREE is available!

THE OAK TREE is now available for sale:
Of all my titles, getting this book to print has proven to be the most enjoyable experience. Yes, you read that right. Moments of frustration and countless hours of work aside, it has given me great satisfaction.
Writers are a rare breed. We work in solitary environments, become lost in fantasy worlds, befriend imaginary people, and obsess over word use, sentence structure, and dialogue. We are drawn to creation much like a moth to flame. We cannot always control when the stories come, yet we hold child-like faith that they will come.
I confess there were many times last year when I believed (and feared) I would not write again. I was terribly ill and becoming well was my sole focus. I was extremely fatigued and it took every ounce of energy to wake in the morning and see my son to school. I was highly medicated and completing a rational thought seemed impossible. Writing was no longer a priority, and the idea of doing so proved overwhelming.
Then one day the characters came, begging me to join them. I was overjoyed. To simply write something, anything, became the greatest healer of all. I had purpose. And made plans. Looked to the future again. I resumed my role as a writer and embraced every step, no matter the difficulty. I am over-the-moon happy to share this story. It carries such an incredible part of me with it.
In the end, however, this book is not about cancer or me. It was written for anyone who has faced a personal battle, whatever the challenge. It is intended to be a story of celebration! And hope! Yes, there will be times when life seems dark, but it is crucial to never, ever stop looking for the light. It is always there, waiting for us to claim it. 
Happy Reading!

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