helpful tips about my site

My website doesn’t change as much as it once did. Over the years, I have settled into a flow that suits my needs, and I like this format and am hesitant to alter it. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point, and I sincerely hope the layout simplifies your reader experience and eases overall navigation. That being said, I am always in search of ways to improve and often the changes I make are so small, they go unnoticed. A few recent updates to bring to your attention: 
  • The BOOKS page has BUY buttons, making it easier to see what devices and retailers support each title.
    • To use: Click the Buy button. A drop-down menu will appear, asking to select a reading device. Make a selection and another drop-down menu will offer retailer options which support your device. Once an opt-to-purchase is made, it will direct you to the appropriate retailer site for log in and/or sale.
    • Note: These buttons have also been added to the individual book information pages, so if you click on to read excerpts and reviews, the button appears on the new page as well.
  • On the right side-bar, there is a section titled READ where I have updated the links to display in carousel format.
    • What’s cool: It displays immediate Amazon pricing/purchase options with a simple hover of the mouse over each book image.
    • To purchase: Click Buy for either paperback or kindle, and it will direct to the sale page.
  • The CONTACT page has been eliminated, with the information consolidated onto the AUTHOR page.
  • Give me your suggestions! Brainstorm blog topics! Tell what giveaways you prefer! Offer tips for the website! Time and resources may prevent the implementation, but I promise to consider each and every one. This is your journey as much as it is mine…
Finally, I realize my posts are erratic, but I do intend to add content once or twice a month. To be sure you don’t miss any new posts, SUBSCRIBE via email. Simply enter your email address on the right side-bar and never miss the news. Each one magically appears in your inbox! Oh, and I do not keep a record of who subscribes nor do I file your email address. There will be no unwarranted solicitation from me. Pinkie swear. 

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