become an Alpha Reader of my latest work!

Do you like being the first in line? Are you the type of person who buys a new gadget the day it is released? Then ENTER for a chance to become an Alpha Reader of my most recent work, Revelations. As an Alpha Reader, you have the opportunity to read my draft in its initial phase of creation. [Please note: This book is a sequel to Spirit so if you haven’t read that, the follow-up may prove confusing.]  
For those who may not be familiar with the term, an Alpha Reader reads the first draft of a story to tell the author what is working and what is not. This person does not review or edit small things but looks instead for the BIG PICTURE, areas such as:  

  1. overall concept

  2. sensible plot

  3. story structure

  4. engaging settings

  5. rising and falling action

  6. authentic voice

  7. believable characters

  8. emotional connection

  9. interesting tension 

An Alpha Reader can help a writer (like me!) by making notes about which areas seem unrealistic, confusing, or dull as well as highlighting the strengths of the piece. They do not proofread for spelling errors nor do they perform any type of line editing. An Alpha Reader simply reads the story as it should be enjoyed.
So…do you have what it takes to muddle through typos, inconsistencies, and errors? Do you have the desire to read Revelations before anyone else and provide constructive feedback? If so, ENTER for a chance to become my Alpha Reader. There are many ways to enter via Facebook, Twitter, and this website. Oh, and just for fun, I am throwing in a signed paperback copy of Spirit. To review: there will be ONE winner. Good luck!


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