my favorite LaPalm Books time-savers

Summer break hit our home hard and fast. Only one week out of school and the days are filled with baseball tournaments, practices, and league games. Throw in overdue errands and appointments, daily basketball clinic, another baseball camp, a birthday party, and vacation planning, and this girl is plumb tuckered out. I do not fare well as an over-scheduled parent. I have always been one who prefers to lessen the workload, keep hours open for doing what I love or nothing at all. And now after battling through illness for much of 2012, well…I insist that my life be even more simplified. In the spirit of freeing up moments for the things you love, I hereby pass my favorite LaPalm Books time-savers on to you!
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3. Want a thoughtful gift without spending a dime?
Give a one-on-one book club!

This idea appeared on a simplification blog I follow, and I immediately fell in love with the concept. The excerpt is merely an example of what you can do…tailor the “gift” to your recipient and occasion.

The mother-daughter book club:  My favorite Christmas gift came from my daughter. She recognized that I didn’t want “stuff” and she knew that what I really wanted was more time with her. She gave me a mother-daughter book club. We read a book and then plan an activity like going out to lunch to talk about it. We recently read The Great Gatsby and finished by going to dinner and seeing the movie. I hope you’ll use this gift idea for someone you love.


4. Something I intend to make time for?


I do not give a shout out to my followers and supporters enough so starting today I will send random thank yous. And though they may arrive via private message, in a blog post, as a status update, or possibly a tweet, the heartfelt appreciation will remain the same. Some may even come attached with a little something extra so be on the lookout for your name!

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