resolution revisit

Every year passes a bit more swiftly, and 2013 is no exception. Moving into the half-way point is an ideal time to reflect on how I felt in month one. Left wondering whether I still feel as committed or inspired, I decided to revisit my original goals. They are condensed here, but you can read the entire Project Reset blog post if you like.
GOAL: Blog Randomly – I had envisioned writing once or twice per month and only when the topic was worthy of my time.I have abided by this goal with little problem. I am not a blogger, I am a writer which makes it fairly easy to push posting further down my to do list. Grade: A
GOAL: Read Constantly – When I re-read this goal, my heart sank. With my energy back (mostly), I spent the bulk of my hours marketing, implementing my business plan, finishing overdue house projects, enjoying my husband and son. Oh, I also wrote another manuscript during that span so though I did finish a few books, I did not read as often as I like. Grade: D
GOAL: Write Wisely – I am happy to say my book The Oak Tree was published more than a month ahead of schedule. Even better, I was able to complete the initial draft of a follow-up to Spirit. Since I typically begin new works in the fall, I did very well here. Grade: A+ (yeah Me!)
GOAL: Simplify – It does not take much to distract me, and the dozen or so writing blogs I subscribe to provide more than enough ideas and tips to keep me occupied. And though too many hours have been dedicated to spreading the word about my writing and myself, it has been time well spent. That being said, I now intend to throttle back and engage in editing my latest WIP full-time. Grade: C
This exercise was a good one. Not only did it give the rare opportunity to look back on the past six months, it has provided the chance to re-focus my energy in the weeks and months which are before me. In the days when I feel frustration (there will be many, I am sure), I will try my best to remember everything I have already accomplished and embrace all that is to come.
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