The Latest: School Daze

It is Back to School in our cozy corner of the world. We have stocked up on supplies, clothing, and high-hopes for the year. My son is ready and so am I.
As a child, I loved the first day of school. The scent of freshly sharpened pencils, a handful of new outfits, pristine folders and notebooks. I adored them. For me, they signified opportunity. This heralding in of another academic year meant I (and every other child) had a chance to begin again. The falling leaves and cooling temperatures equaled adventures. Challenges. Do-overs.
I am excited to return to the basics of schedules and routines. After weeks of web and other online maintenance, I am in the home stretch of my authorial “housekeeping.” Some things were overdue, others simply matters needing my attention. And to usher in another season of full-time editing, I became ruthless and eliminated a dozen tasks deemed as time-robbers. If  Life is on my side, I will complete the reformatting of all eBooks by the end of this week, thus allowing a few quiet days with my son and husband before school is back in session.
It has been a fantastic summer of road trips, memories, and a precious few lazy days scattered throughout. A part of me will miss it. And yet I realize I cannot stop the inevitable wave of change so I will try my best to not only be prepared, but also welcome it.
Update: Be on the lookout for an excerpt of my latest Work In Progress…coming soon!

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