change is in the air and a new book excerpt is on my site

Do you smell that? It is fall. Lovely, lovely fall. One of my favorite seasons and a time of year when my writing transforms, feels re-born. As an author, I thrive during these months. The woodsy scent of change in the air inspires me to finish projects before the new year arrives. But wouldn’t you know that once I sent my son off to school and mentally-prepared myself for full-time editing, Life had another plan? So yes, Change is indeed in the air but unlike my 2012 cancer diagnosis, this life moment is a welcome and wanted one.

Our little family will move out of state soon which means the previous weeks were dedicated to preparations for the sale of our current home and the next months will focus on finding a new home to love. My husband, son, and I are over-the-top excited and embrace this new adventure to begin again. But sadly, that means any hope of editing Revelations full-time will be postponed indefinitely. I have carved out time to tweak the first few chapters and though they are far from perfect, I want to share them with you. I will edit whenever time and my addled mind allow with every intention to publish the entire book no later than Spring 2014. I hope you find a moment to read the excerpt and as always, feedback is appreciated. To find out the many ways we can keep in touch, go to my AUTHOR page. 🙂
Read Sample Chapters of REVELATIONS

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