the simplest of things

We have been in our new home for a little over three weeks, and life is finally falling back into place. Having done this before, the move from our home state to another was fairly seamless for my family. Of course, there is always  the unexpected which pops up, both on the selling and buying end of home ownership and do not get me started on the process of transferring school, medical, personal, household, and overall basic daily needs. As I reflect on the past months, I am amazed to find we have accomplished so many tasks. I also admit to feeling pure relief the ‘crazy’ has ended, and the simple joys of making a house a home may begin.
I crave routine. Some sense of structure. A plan. More than once over the past three months, I became frustrated. A burning, deep-in-the-bones agony would sweep through me whenever I thought about writing. Yet sadly, there were just too many other, more pressing things to do. And although my bout with illness lessened my stamina, I have also come to a refreshing conclusion: I no longer hold the same beliefs. Most notably, I do not have to do it all nor do I need to care about everything. It is okay, necessary even, to let…things…go. There will be ample time to dedicate to work and such promise guides me. It grants me permission to LIVE IN THE MOMENT, without author guilt and with a grateful heart. So in the spirit of the awesomeness in my little world, I come to you as an author who is thankful for the simplest of things:
  • FAMILY MEMBERS whose love and support appears to know no bounds.
  • FRIENDS who bestow upon me the incredible privilege of sharing in their lives.
  • E-READERS which help make my books accessible to countless people.
  • FELLOW AUTHORS who listen, motivate, guide, and inspire.
  • ONLINE RESOURCES which provide an outlet to publish and share my work.
  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES which allow random switches between wife, mother, and writer.
  • FREEDOM and COURAGE to express my ideas in a creative format.
  • TIME to work at a pace suitable for myself and the needs of my family.
  • HEALING POWERS of words, characters, and their stories.
  • NEW BEGINNINGS which often follow a treacherous path but still, somehow, miraculously turn into HAPPY ENDINGS.
Finally, I am thankful for You, the Reader. Because of your confidence, patience, understanding, and enthusiasm, my life has been altered forever. May you and your family find joy in the simple pleasures this holiday and every day.

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