out with the old, in with the new

I love the feel of a new year. It is like an old friend. One who promises new beginnings, second chances, do-overs and restarts. Yet still, the close of one year and the opening of another offers us a gentle reminder: count our blessings rather than months. Now is the time to reflect on everything we have done rather than everything we did not. We should relish in our accomplishments while we carve out new challenges. Time has not run out! The countdown to midnight is simply a continuation of seconds which morph into minutes and hours and unbelievable opportunities to stay on course or change direction completely. Which path will I follow in 2014? Both.
HOME This was definitely a year of change on the home-front. Our family moved from one state to another, out of a simple space to a complicated one. And although our belongings have been unpacked and lovingly placed, there is still much to do in the way of improvements and decorating. Even so, I intend to make more moments than to-do lists over the days to come. 
HEALTH Unlike 2012, this year has been one of health blessings. I am still in remission, celebrating 17 months cancer-free. My son continues to thrive and grow, shooting baskets with every free moment while my husband enjoys stress-relieving walks on an almost daily basis. Our commitment to caring for ourselves will be upped a notch when we challenge ourselves to give our pedometers a workout and refine our dining habits.  
WORK It would appear I did not accomplish much in the way of writing, thanks in part to the distractions of relocation. And yet, I somehow managed to edit, publish, and market The Oak Tree (a contemporary tale of love after cancer). I also carved out enough free time to draft a new novel Revelations (a continuation of my earlier title Spirit). It is my intention to complete editing and have it ready to share by late Spring 2014.
LIFE I am quite proud of the way I simplified multiple areas of my life this past year. In the coming months, I will continue my quest to make living easier and create a life without regret. Efforts to de-clutter my home, my time (detoxing from technology proves to be my biggest hurdle), and my mind has already paid immense dividends. And today presents the perfect opportunity to live simply and simply live! 
A year may seem long, but its days are amazingly short. May you count blessings rather than  months and make memorable moments to carry you through the new year and beyond!

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