back to work, back to writing, back to everything


As much as I love my job, it is challenging to return to work after an extended break. Especially after this summer. Our little family enjoyed one of our best, frolicking around the city to unique museums, cool parks, charming shops, yummy restaurants, and cultural landmarks. We added to our adventures by taking two vacations, one to Gettysburg and Philadelphia for some moving and epic history and another to our home state for quality time with family.

My son is at that near-perfect age where he is witty, kind, sweet, and so damn fun to be around. He is the reason I take summers off. He is the reason I adore these spontaneous and memorable months. He is the reason for everything. I am one lucky wife and mother to be able to dedicate two and a half months to my young man, and I hope he reflects upon our time as fondly as I do.

And yet, like all good things, our bliss must end.

School began this week and ready or not, we have been pulled into the vortex of bedtimes and schedules and homework and sports and my husband’s crazy business travel. This also means a return to full-time work for this girl! It is a sweet reward for leaving the lazy, fun-filled days of summer behind, and there is much to be excited about. For starters, I already have a book written (in rough draft). I have also determined how to improve plot and characters and will strive to outline the entire novel over the upcoming weeks. This story holds potential to become a riveting tale of betrayal and suspense and passion and strength and so much more!

But before I get too far ahead, there are some updates I need to share:

1) My old web/blog address [] is officially deactivated and no longer available. If you have not done so, please ADD the new site to your Bookmarks. I also suggest you SUBSCRIBE via email to get every new post delivered right to your inbox. It is easy-peasy, so convenient, and a guarantee to never miss an update! Sign up is in the right-hand column under FOLLOW.

2) Very soon, Still Life and Spirit will no longer be free eBooks. I do not know the exact dates as it sometimes takes retailers a while to update prices. But if you have been holding off on either or both titles, download your FREE copy today at Amazon. I will continue to offer random, limited-time discounts on all of my books, so to be sure you never miss a deal or giveaway, click HERE.

3) I adore keeping in touch via social media and try to post regularly. The problem? Algorithms and other techie-things have changed, making it almost impossible to reach many friends of LaPalm Books. I will continue to post to social media, but to get the latest on new releases, book giveaways, price changes and other updates, please join my mailing list. It is FREE, and I do not give your information to anyone else. Pinky-swear. What will I do? Email occasionally, if and when there is big news or freebies to share: sign up HERE.

I look forward to another fun (and hopefully productive) season of work and sharing the experience with you!


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