fall for these FREE book deals


I love selling books, but I love giving them away even more.

Recent changes to my distribution channels, however, mean my books are no longer available through Smashwords – the site listing my titles on Nook, Kobo, and other online retailers. {note: Paperback copies are still available at Barnes and Noble.} The change is not due to any reason on the part of Smashwords. I love their site and offerings, and this change may very well be a temporary one!

I simply needed to revamp things and exclusively selling via Amazon is a part of that. So, this means STILL LIFE and other titles are no longer permanently free.  Don’t fret, though! I will now run FREE limited time book promotions on ALL of my titles – some of which have never been free before!

Here are upcoming FREE downloads:

  • September 7, 8, 9THE OAK TREE: a romantic tale of life and love after cancer DOWNLOAD
  • September 9, 10NEVER LETTING GO: romance, suspense, and one woman’s wish for the ultimate do-over DOWNLOAD
  • September 11, 12STILL LIFE: a novella of loss and love DOWNLOAD
  • September 13, 14MUSE: a Still Life companion DOWNLOAD
  • September 15 – Still Life and Muse: the complete edition (Books 1-2) DOWNLOAD
  • September 16, 17SPIRIT: young love, old secrets, and a girl caught in between DOWNLOAD
  • September 18, 19 – REVELATIONS: a continuation of Spirit DOWNLOAD
  • September 20Spirit and Revelations: the complete edition (Books 1-2) DOWNLOAD


Be sure to check Facebook or Twitter for a surprise paperback giveaway this month. I do not know when or which book but there will be multiple copies up for grabs. If you have a book you would like promoted, comment below.

Happy September!


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