how a country life inspired The Country Wife

The Family Farm, established 1904


available in Kindle and Paperback November 6th

My father was a farmer as was his father before, and the first eighteen years of my life were in the country. That land is still in our family and honored as a Century Farm, meaning it has been worked under one family for more than one-hundred years. As a girl, I spent countless hours exploring the barns and acres of fields. Cattle, hogs, horses, dogs, and cats were playmates, family.

I would never trade those moments. They are where memories of my father thrive and live on. And as he has been gone more years than I had him, I feel a connection not only to the land but also the hard-working people who care for it. Perhaps this is why I wrote about the loving landscape of my youth. Maybe my sentiment led to the creation of Quinn.

It is simplicity, the need for nothing more than a comfortable home, warm meal, and loving family that call to me. The Country Wife is about the past, the things that make us, change us, and stop us from living and moving forward. But it is so much more. There are lessons learned from what has been and hope to be found in what might be. And in the end, the ability to believe in yourself can change everything.          ~JL


 main character, The Country Wife

I have been a country girl from the start, first as a privileged rancher’s daughter and now as a young farmer’s wife. Perhaps the only bond stronger than my tie to the land is the love I have for my husband Michael. Building a simple life is my primary concern, and I immerse myself in every aspect of domestic bliss. As I work tirelessly to create a haven within the walls of our rented farmhouse, Michael spends long hours working for another in the hope he might someday afford to farm his own land.

A life of tranquility quickly turns to turmoil, however, once I realize something is not right. My body. My husband. My memories. Everything feels off. And no matter how much I try to ignore the changes around and within me, I am forced to acknowledge their reality.

In a short time, the simple life I worked so hard to achieve becomes incredibly complicated. And as any excitement for what might be is clouded by fear of my marriage and a once-forgotten past, I will need to rely on the support of unlikely friends to see me through. Yet with every passing season, it becomes apparent that whatever darkness lies beneath threatens to consume everything I have and the doubt of what has been holds the power to destroy any possibility of a future. 

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