books: the one-size-fits-all gift


Christmas is right around the corner! There are cookies to bake, cards to send, movies to watch, parties to attend, traditions to continue, memories to make, hugs to give, and {sigh} gifts to buy.

In a world of hi-tech electronics and devices, it is easy to forget the simple, yet awesome power of books. Think about it. BOOKS ARE:

easy to wrap
even easier to send
the ultimate getaway
an ideal fit for a stocking
perfect for anyone
available everywhere
a gift that can be shared over and over again

In the spirit of the season, I have compiled a few links to get your holiday shopping started. But remember:

December 15th: Last day to Mail Paperbacks via standard postal shipping
December 25th: Last day to Gift eBooks via email (perfect for the last-minute giver)

Browse Amazon Top 100 Editor’s Picks of 2015
Browse Barnes and Noble Holiday Gift Guide
Browse Goodreads Choice Awards Best Books of 2015

Finally, please consider supporting an Independent Author such as myself this year. There are countless original stories to discover online and new ones added every day. More importantly, every purchase is recognized and appreciated! And did you know that when you purchase any paperback version of my books from Amazon, you get the Kindle version for FREE? Look for the Matchbook Price on the coordinating book page to download your copy.  SHOP HERE 

If we do not have the chance to connect beforehand, 
I wish you and those you hold close the ...


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