project: right now

A New Year


REFLECT: 2015 was a fabulous year!

  • As a Writer, I drafted and completed one story from scratch and edited and completed another story from my files. I also began a third draft of a potential book, but its fate is yet to be determined.
  • As an Author, I published two books – Never Letting Go and The Country Wife. This is a rare feat for me, only done previously in 2010. Perhaps even more exciting: I experienced multiple rankings in the Top 20 on Amazon and for one glorious day my novella Still Life was a #1 Best Seller!
  • As a Publisher, I revamped my entire website from top to bottom, restructured my budget and marketing program, and created a new approach to getting a book to print which streamlined my process.
  • A glorious reward for my efforts? More reviews, followers, readers, fans, and new friends than ever before!

Our family holiday was festive, blissful, and memorable. But the truth is, even after weeks of relaxation and time off work, I am tired. Not of writing. I love writing and intend to do much more of it. [confession: I have a follow-up idea to one of my books and have begun the outline process!] I am simply tired of trying to do it all. My husband, my son, myself, the house, my friends, my life. Everything suffers a bit when I work fifty-hour weeks to complete a book. And though I typically resume writing full-time after the new year, right now I want to do something else.


  • When I write, the house gets basic care but right now I want to finish overdue projects and enjoy the beautiful walls that lovingly embrace my family. Our home needs tender-loving-care, and I plan to give it.
  • When I write, my mind is happy but my body is not – I sit all day and eat sub-par meals. Right now I want to get moving with walks in the frosty air, cook delicious nutritious fueling meals, and appreciate where I am.
  • When I write, my family and friends receive a part of me but right now I want to give them everything. I have perfected the art of saying No, and I intend to say Yes to more games, snuggles, activities, and what matters.
  • Life demands attention and right now this is my focus. Cancer is an evil thing. It poisons the body, but it also poisons the mind. I am never truly free of it – it is there, every day, reminding me it can return. I refuse to allow that to happen.

I have learned so much over the years about publishing, writing, marketing, and connecting. And to those who support my efforts by lifting me up when I am down, commenting on a post, purchasing a book, reading my work, leaving a review, and sharing with others: you may not think I notice what you have done, but I do. More importantly, my heart fills with appreciation whenever you take time out of your hectic lives to help ME along in this journey.

Because of you, I will write again. In fact, I am writing. I simply prefer to enjoy the process rather than push it. I want to enjoy every shining possibility the new year holds. Live in the moment. Embrace the right now.

Happy New Year!


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