live. love. write. repeat.


do what you love ... love what you do 

I am a breast cancer survivor of almost four glorious years, in what my oncologist labels as 100% remission. This is the greatest prognosis I could ever receive, however, it does not mean it won’t come back. Battling such an ugly disease is an experience I would not wish on anyone. And alongside the permanence of my scars, I have an amazing lesson that has stayed with me, over and over, again and again.

Life is not promised. These days. Our health. Those we love. Nothing is guaranteed. Ever.

I admit there are times when I falter, falling back under the spell of stress and attempts to do more than I should, yet more often than not I am relentless in my quest to make my moments matter. And while it may seem like some complicated task requiring planning and an extra hour in an already long day, I assure it is not. What is my secret? I simply do what I love.

—I have learned to love myself first. I am vigilant in nurturing this one body and taking every measure to ensure cancer never has another opportunity to poison it. Eating well, exercising despite limitations, saying no when I am overwhelmed, conquering stress. Things I once viewed as low on the proverbial to-do list are now number one. And I feel zero guilt about prioritizing Me.

—I have an even greater love for my husband and son. They are the reason I fought so desperately to stay here. They not only stood by my side, they lifted me up when I fell down. Every time, without fail, and without complaint. And in the process, they opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of how I want to spend my time on this earth. I owe my laughter, my challenges, my successes, my goals, my heart, my everything to them. They are the world in which I choose to live.

—I have pursued something I love. For me, writing is a wish come true. A purpose. The one external thing I have found in this life that makes me feel whole. Every time I finish a book, I have a tiny fear it is the last one, that there will never be another story within me.  And then something magical happens. Plot becomes clear. Characters take shape. Dialogue occurs (yes, I hear voices). A story begins.

I am thrilled to have another work-in-progress! And though I cannot provide much detail because none of it makes sense yet, I can tell you:

  • I have a full draft of 60,000+ words to re-write, edit, and mold into a book.
  • It has a working title: EVERYTHING SHE HAS.
  • It is a follow-up to The Country Wife but can be enjoyed on its own.
  • I will share my progress! Sign up for blog posts (see right) or Follow on Facebook and Twitter so you can stay up-to-date on the latest news.

The joy of discovering and telling another tale is what I love to do. I encourage you to do what you love. I know. I know. Life gets in the way. Jobs. Kids. Obligations take over. But that does not mean it is impossible. Carve out a little time, a few minutes, every day. Exercise, read, play a sport, go to the movies, become lost in a book, play on the floor with your kids, bake a yummy treat, shop for a special gift, redecorate, take a walk, garden…

 Whatever brings you joy. No matter how simple.
Doing what you love has the power to change everything.

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