Best Of The LaPalm Books Blog

It is hard to believe I have been blogging on my author website for over seven years!

I do not revisit old material often. There is rarely a need and like most writers, reading my own content (especially from the early days) leaves me overly critical and eager to edit. And while I used to blog on a more frequent basis (I once believed I could post daily – ha!), I am proud to say I have remained fully committed to sharing the ups and downs of my journey with you and have no intention of stopping.

So it is that even with my limited summer hours, I decided to compile a list of the more popular posts [my apologies for wonky formats or broken links – some change over time].

Here they are – the most viewed, most shared, most liked – in no particular order:

I Am A Child Of The 70s
Then vs Now: Lessons Learned Publishing As An Indie Author
The Beauty Of Being Rejected All.The.Time.
Dear Me: A Letter To My Younger Self
What I Know To Be True
How Not To Write A Book
The Things I Did Not Do
Trust The Magic Of Beginnings
Live. Love. Write. Repeat.
When I Knew I Wanted To Be A Writer And The Moment It Mattered
Being A Writer Is A Lot Like The 2nd Grade
There Are So Many More Things I Can Do
Advice I Would Give To My Newbie Self
How Wine Sparks My Creativity
Things I Lost Along The Way
The Hardest Time For Me As A Writer
There Are Times When I Think I Might Stop Writing

It was refreshing to read these as they remind me how much I love what I do. Perhaps I should walk down memory lane more often (like this fall when I return to writing full-time, feel overwhelmed, and suffer my typical motivational meltdown)?

I cannot worry about that, however. The sun is shining – now. My family waits – now. And I intend to grab summer while I can. Now.


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