summer? preview my new book!


Happy Summer!

I know summer does not officially begin for a few weeks, but school is out in our little part of the world and that means …

I take some time off to enjoy these summer moments with my amazing son and husband! My family loves exploring new places, and we have two (eek!) long and exciting trips planned over the coming months. And there will be a lot of baseball, sports camps, reunions with family, and hopefully countless lazy, spontaneous memories ahead with friends.

I do intend to continue work on my current book Everything She Has (Country Wife, Book 2). My goal: complete editing over the next months and prepare for publishing early in the fall.

But for now, my focus is on carefree fun and sneaking every glorious minute with my son while he still wants to hang around with me. 🙂

Curious about my latest book? Kick off summer with the first (unedited*) chapters of EVERYTHING SHE HAS!

*rough draft only so please ignore typos, errors, and non-sensical parts!

Happy Summer!

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