farewell summer, welcome fall release


Today is the first day of school for my son! We officially return to early morning routines, busy days, homework, and after-school sport schedules.

Back-to-school means back-to-work for this mom. One thing about taking [most] of the summer off is that I am typically motivated to resume steady full-time work at its end. After relaxing months of haphazard blogging, marketing, and other basic maintenance, I crave order. I want to be productive. I need to create.

I admit the change is not immediate. It takes me awhile to get into the swing of things. I love those spontaneous days of summer with my son so much. And as the seasons shift, my mind and body struggle to adjust to structure and deadlines and countless daily tasks.

The upside is rather than writing a draft from scratch, I already have a book near publishing stage! Even better, I have set a date to keep me on track. You can find out more about the upcoming new release below.

But for now, I am going to savor this cup of hot coffee in a quiet and (kind of) tidy house. A new school year. A new book. A new season upon us. Perfect moments to celebrate.

NEW RELEASE Coming Soon!

(Country Wife, Book Two)

EVERYTHING Final (1)SUMMARY — Quinn Donovan has been a country girl from the start, first as a privileged rancher’s daughter and later as a young farmer’s wife. Perhaps the only bond stronger than her tie to the land is the love for her husband and son. But when tragedy strikes their family one cold wintry night, the loss runs deep and wide, leaving Quinn and her dreams shattered. Uncertain of what the future holds, she reluctantly returns to a place once familiar – the Wyoming ranch of her youth. Among the comfort of its sprawling acres, she fights the memory of her mother’s betrayal and the loneliness of a life on her own. And with the help of a reliable old friend and unlikely new one, Quinn begins to heal the wounds of her broken past and discover that although different, a new life and love await on the horizon.

SAMPLE [unedited chapters linked in June 2016 blog post]

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